A subdivision of the CS @ ILLINOIS Cascade Lab

What We Do

Our research group investigates the effect of videogame training and web platform on spatial reasoning skills. The goal of our research is to provide evidence-based recommendations to researchers, game designers, and educators about the best ways to train spatial skills for specific target populations.

Current Research Projects

Homeworld Bound

An educational game that allows children to explore and construct 3D objects.

Spatial Reasonig Platform

A scalable online platform providing spatial skill assessment and exercises with personalized review and feedback module

Exploration Project

In collaboration with the STEAM Studio, we observe children's problem-solving strategy and in-group interaction while children designed 3D printed obstacles for a robotic competition


Faculty and Staff

Angie Wolters
Assistant Director
Women in Engineering

Wai-Tat Fu
Associate Professor
Computer Science

H. Chad Lane
Associate Professor
Educational Psychology

Frances Wang

Geoffrey Herman
Assistant Professor
Computer Science
Contact Email

James Michael Leake
Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering

Brian S. Woodard
Teaching Associate
Aerospace Engineering

Graduate Students

Ziang Xiao
PhD Student

Sanorita Dey
PhD Student

Chi-Hsien Eric Yen
PhD Student

Yi-Chieh EJ Lee
PhD Student

Undergaduate Students

Nick Olenz

Robin C Sheong

Yuqi Yao

Related Workshop

The website for International Workshop on Models and Representations in Spatial Cognition can be found here.

Contact Us

Lead researcher

Helen Wauck
wauck2 at illinois dot edu

Faculty Director

Wai-Tat Fu
wfu at illinois dot edu