Spatial Reasoning Platform


Due to the importance of visuospatial skill in the field of STEM education, researchers and instructors have put a lot of effort into evaluating and training engineering students’ visuospatial skills. However, previous methods often rely on traditional paper-based questions and face-to-face visuospatial training workshops, which are costly and timeconsuming, especially for large classes. We have designed and evaluated an online platform to provide a low-cost, scalable solution to effectively evaluate and train visuospatial skills. In addition, the online platform can facilitate the analysis of behavioral and error patterns, which can lead to design of intelligent features that improve learning through the use of adaptive and individualized learning modules.


Our online platform is designed to offer a comprehensive assessment of visuospatial skills using a set of well-tested multiple choice and free-hand sketching questions. Currently, the platform has seven weeks of exercises.


Home page of the platform shows weekly exercises. Each week a new module would be unlocked.

Each week a new module would be unlocked.


1) Surfaces and Solids of Revolution

2) Combining Solid Objects

3) Isometric Drawings & Coded Plans

4)Orthographic Drawings

5) Flat Patterns

6) Inclined and Curved Surfaces

7) Object Reflections and Symmetry & Rotation of Objects About a Single Axis or Multiple Axes.



Multiple choices


Feedback Module: students can see their incorrect answers along with the correct answer for each question


Sketch: students do isometric or orthographic drawings in the sketching app embedded to the platform


Xiao, Z., Yao, Y., Yen, C.H., Dey, S., Wauck, H., Leake, J. M., Wolters, A., Woodard, B. S., Fu, W.-T. (2017) A scalable online platform for evaluating and training visuospatial skills of engineering students. In Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the American Society of Engineering Education, Columbus, Ohio. [PDF]